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When your swimming pool was constructed the yard was graded to assure drainage and runoff didn’t negatively impact your pool and the water. Over time, and with storms and rainfall, the grading can be degraded and that could lead to the improperly balanced pool water. How landscaping impacts pool water is something the pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa in Menifee, California talk with their pool customers about.

 How landscaping impacts pool water  

Swimming pools have a “ditch” running around them that can not only capture splash out from the swimming pool but could even be the first line of defense from runoff making its way into the swimming pool. Proper draining of the yard and the landscaping are crucial to protecting the pool water, the deck and your outdoor living space.

Here are some things you and your pool contractor and landscaper need to check if you find dirt getting into your pool water.

  1. You need to check that runoff from rainwater isn’t getting into the swimming pool. Gutters and downspouts are necessary and need to be installed to direct the water away from the swimming pool. If the gutters and downspouts are properly directed you also run the risk of standing water getting behind the pool and saturating the ground and that could lead to further issues with the pool’s structural integrity.
  2. Check the grading around the pool and deck itself to ensure it’s still graded properly. If the soil has eroded and the pool is on the “downhill” side you’ll see dirt and debris getting into the pool during a rainstorm from the runoff. It may be time to have topsoil brought in to regrade the pool area.

The next time your pool contractor pays a service visit ask him to check the grading and gutters and downspouts to ensure the pool is protected from runoff and improper drainage.