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Where did the bathtub ring come from? Doesn’t it just seem that you never notice the bathtub ring building up but once you see it you can’t unsee it? Where did it come from and why didn’t you notice it happening? The same goes for your swimming pool tiles. Is it time to clean the swimming pool tiles?

Your pool contractor from the best pool service in Menifee, California, ACC Pool Care will make note of any cleaning that needs to be performed before there is a “ring around your pool tiles.” Swimming pool tiles can get a ring and it’s usually caused by a calcium build-up. It can be easily cleaned away, but it’s best to keep it clean before the ring appears, right?

Is it time to clean the swimming pool tiles?

What are those rings around the waterline? Why do those rungs appear at the top of the waterline? There are many reasons they can appear but they are relatively easy to remove.

If you see white, gray or brown patches of build-up at the waterline on the pool tiles, your pool contractor can clean them off for you. If you work with a swimming pool service contractor, though, chances are you won’t see any build up because when your contractor cleans the pool he is brushing the walls and floor and that will eliminate any build-up from occurring. At its most basic, the build-up you see is because calcium carbonate separates from the pool water and leaves its white ring.

What will your pool contractor do to assure your pool doesn’t suffer ring around the tiles? 

  1. The water chemistry is tested and balanced
  2. Total alkalinity is part of the testing process as is the pH level (these can lead to rings if not in balance)
  3. The hardness and levels of calcium will be checked. Too high and the pool will have scale build up. If your pool water is hard to begin with you may want to add a water softener or a scale inhibitor
  4. Test the water chemistry between pool service visits and either ask your pool contractor for advice or an additional service visit to address any balance issues.
  5. If you’re a DIYer for your pool care and you notice scale build-up you may be able to gently rub it with a sponge and remove it. Don’t use any cleaning solvents as that could impact the water chemistry. Also, don’t use anything to scrub the pool tiles that aren’t specifically designed for your pool.

The pool scale doesn’t have to stop you from swimming, but it is unsightly. Pool scaling is also an indication that the water chemistry isn’t properly balanced and that the pool isn’t being brushed thoroughly enough to address the issue and prevent build up.