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The country has been pummeled with powerful storms. From heavy rains to tornadoes, hurricanes and snow, all of these weather conditions can take a toll on your swimming pool. How to clean a pool after a storm is something the swimming pool contractors from the best pool service contractors in Menifee, California talk with pool owners about.

When a powerful storm rolls through the area of the country in which you live, you will want to protect your pool before the storm — if you’re home and if it’s possible. You definitely need to undertake pool clean up — carefully — following the storm. Severe weather can not only damage the pool, but it can definitely upset the pool water chemistry. If the chemistry isn’t addressed, it can quickly lead to algae growth.

How to clean a pool after a storm

Here are some steps to take for after-storm swimming pool clean up.

  1. Don’t drain the pool. If your pool is full of debris and is overflowing from the rain it may be tempting to drain it. DON’T! When you drain a pool it can lead to a myriad of costly issues. A swimming pool should never be drained by anyone other than a swimming pool professional.
  2. Clear out floating debris, but wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts or injury from the items you’re removing.
  3. Do not turn on the swimming pool equipment until a pool contractor has inspected the electrical system to assure it wasn’t damaged during the storm. ALSO, when a storm is coming through, turn off all the electricity to the swimming pool to protect it from a surge of power if the power goes off then comes back on.
  4. If your pool contractor recommends running the pump after you have removed large debris you will need to check the skimmer, filter and pump basket regularly to remove any debris. If you don’t do this, the equipment won’t work properly and will have to work too hard and that could lead to damage.

Be cautious of post storm swimming pool clean up. You may want to rely on the services of a pool professional to assure the pool survives the storm. Give us a call if you need assistance.