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Why do pools need to be drained? There are various reasons, but the swimming pool contractors from the Best Pool Service in Menifee, California caution draining a pool is NOT a DIY project. Unless you are experienced in swimming pool draining, this is a project that needs to be left to your swimming pool service professional.

It is rare that a pool will ever need to be drained, but when it happens, your pool contractor will let you know when and why. Modern technologies with chemistry and cleaning methods make it a rare occurrence that your pool will require draining, but that isn’t to say it won’t ever happen.

Why do pools need to be drained?

What would prompt your swimming pool service contractor to recommend the pool be drained, thoroughly cleaned and refilled? There are a myriad of reasons and here are the reasons why this should be left to the professionals.

  1. An above-ground or vinyl liner pool liner could shrink during the draining process. If this happens, there is the risk that the liner will rip during the refilling. A swimming pool service contractor will notice whether this has occurred and will make allowances for it to protect the liner. The older the liner, the less “stretch” it will have during the refilling process.
  2. The structural integrity of the excavated area could be compromised when a pool is drained. Vinyl liner and fiberglass pools, for example, are seated in backfilled areas and when the liner is removed or the shell is moved, the dirt could collapse and the excavated area would need to be re-excavated and the collapse could damage the plumbing and electricity.
  3. Groundwater issues can arise when the water is removed from a pool shell or liner. If there is standing water beneath and around the pool shell, it will fill the area and damage the integrity of the excavated hole. Plumbing and electrical lines can also be compromised.

A concrete swimming pool could, technically, be drained by a non-professional, but you still run the risk of groundwater swelling into the now-empty pool.  Please don’t attempt this on your own.