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Here are some pool cleaner options.

Automatic pool cleaners — they are just what they sound like. These cleaners do most of the work for you and are effective and efficient. When you look at an automatic pool cleaner you can choose from pressure, robotic or suction cleaner.

  1. Robotic cleaners are like the ones you see in homes. They don’t need to be attached to the pool filter or pump system. They require a low voltage electrical outlet and can easily run through the pool. You drop the cleaner in, and it does its job. Easy! They are energy efficient and that’s a plus.
  2. Pressure pool cleaners will push the water into a pressure-side cleaner. The cleaner uses a booster pump and is powered by the filter pump in the pool. They don’t easily clog and can pick up large pieces of debris. You can also use a timer to turn the cleaner on and off.
  3. A suction pool cleaner will use the suction side of the pool equipment to keep the pool clean. This cleaner will need to be connected to the pool skimmer. These are cost-efficient but may require you to use it more frequently.

Don’t forget there is always the manual pool vacuum! These require you to be actively involved — they are low cost but higher use of your time.

The next time we pay a service visit, let’s take some time and talk about your automatic pool vacuum needs!