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If you have talked to your friends and family before you invested in a swimming pool project, did you ask about cleaning and maintaining it? The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice pools service contractors in Menifee, California offer 5 ways to ensure your pool is clean and clear.

We’ll bet your friends will tell you, “hire a pool contractor and leave the work to them!”  The reason many swimming pool owners hire a pool contractor to take on the maintenance and service tasks is that they don’t want to spend all their free time cleaning — they want to swim! Also, caring for a pool can be an onerous task if you don’t know what you’re doing. You will also have to buy all the chemicals and store them. You will also need to understand the chemistry. Many pool owners find they spend more time testing the water adding this chemical and that until they finally get it right. It’s sometimes confusing.

The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool & Spa Service explain you don’t want to make pool service mistakes because if you do you could be looking at a pool that is damaged or that is green with algae.

5 ways to ensure your pool is clean and clear

Here are at least five of the steps you need to take to keep the pool water clean, clear and swimmable.

  1. Make sure you test the pool chemical levels regularly — daily — especially if you use the pool often. If there is rainfall or you host a party, or don’t use a pool cover, the chemicals can quickly get out of balance. The chemistry that is out of balance can lead to algae growth and cloudy water.
  2. Pay attention to the settings on the pool pump and make sure it’s running as often as it needs to. You also need to ensure you’re turning it on and off — you may want to consider an automatic timer.
  3. Take time to clean the pool skimmer baskets and the pool pump regularly. Skimmer baskets that aren’t clean or the pool pump basket that is full of debris makes the pump work harder and won’t get the water as clean as it should be.
  4. Pay attention to the rate at which the pool water evaporates. Make sure it’s lowering because of evaporation or splash out, not because there is a leak. Take a look around the pool regularly to ensure there is no standing water as that could mean there is a slow leak.
  5. Never drain your pool without supervision and under instruction from a pool contractor. Depending on the type of pool construction material your pool is made of, the shell could float, the vinyl liner could shrink and the plumbing and electricity could be damaged and pulled from their moorings if the shell floats. Honestly, it is a very rare occasion that a swimming pool requires draining and if it is necessary, your pool contractor will take on the task.

We can certainly work with you and teach you some of the nuances of pool maintenance if you opt to take on the pool service and maintenance tasks. You can also call on us if you want to have us do a deep cleaning every few months.