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There are many accessories you can add to a swimming pool to add drama and aesthetic appeal. If you really want to amp up the appeal of your pool and yard, ask yourself: should you add a rock waterfall to your pool? The swimming pool service contractors from Menifee, California at ACC Pools say that there are very few amenities that add so much dramatic flair as a rock waterfall!

If you’ve spent so much time and effort designing the perfect swimming pool for your family, you may want to consider what amenities you can add to enhance its appeal. You definitely don’t want your pool to be a cookie-cutter and when you add a rock waterfall, you don’t have to! Consider an in-ground pool with custom rockwork, waterfalls, grottos or a lazy river feature (if your yard is large enough). If you want to elicit ooohhhhs and aaahhhs when friends and family see your pool — a rock waterfall will definitely do that.

Even if you live in the middle of a bustling city, a swimming pool that looks as if it was something you stumbled upon in the midst of a rainforest, this is the design for you.

Should you add a rock waterfall to your pool?

Rock waterfalls are certainly a high-end design accessory that will create a yard space experience second to none. Find a swimming pool contractor who is well experienced in designing the type of pool you’re looking for. Working with a great contractor will help you enjoy an unforgettable pool experience once the project is over.

Individuals looking at a rock waterfall swimming pool design sometimes opt for a “beach entry” rather than the usual stairs or swimming pool entry steps. This design frees space from traditional steps and makes the pool more natural-looking. Beach entry pool designs are also ideal for anyone dealing with limited mobility.

Rock waterfalls create drama and also allow for the design and installation of caves and grottos constructed. Remember, the sky – and your wallet – is the limit when putting your dream pool together. The grottos can be equipped with a ledge or a bench. Imagine relaxing on the bench watching the water cascading down in front of you – it’s like having your own tropical rainforest year-round.

The planning and design of your high end swimming pool require strict attention to detail. Don’t rush into hiring a pool contractor for the job. Look for one who is experienced in constructing a rock waterfall for you.

This will be a project with a high price tag, but don’t skimp or cut corners — as with anything in a pool — you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to create an elaborate rock waterfall swimming pool design buy the best you can afford as it will be a structure you will enjoy – and enjoy showing off – for years.

Give us a call today if you’re looking into this type of project and we can point you in the right direction of a pool contractor to help you out.