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Don’t you hate it when it rains and you’re not home to rush out and cover the swimming pool? One way around that is to keep the pool covered when you’re not using it or to learn how to clean up your pool after it rains. Depending on the severity of the storm and how much rain it brings with it, cleaning up following a storm won’t take you too long, the swimming pool contractors from ACC Pool and Spa Service in Menifee, CA offer these five simple tips.

Make sure the storm has passed and that there is no lingering chance of lightning before you head out to undertake the pool clean up tasks.

How to clean up your pool after it rains

  1. Clean out any floating debris that fell into the pool during the storm. Grab your skimmer basket and scoop out the debris. Check the skimmer basket and clean that out as well.
  2. Brush the pool walls and floor to loosen any debris and any algae spores that may have gotten blown into the water. Once you’re done brushing it, start the vacum.
  3. If the pool is dirty and needs to be vacuumed, do this after you’ve scooped out as much debris as you can. Clean the deck so no additional debris falls into the pool. If you’re going to spray the deck, spray away from the pool and push debris into the yard, not the pool.
  4. Next flip the switch on the pool pump and filter. If the power has gone off you will need to reprogram the filter and pump.
  5. Test the water. If there was a lot of rain that fell, it could upset the pool water chemistry. Once you test it you may need to add chemicals to bring it back in line. If you work with a pool contractor you can give him a call, let him know what the readings are and see if he feels he needs to pay an additional service visit or if you can simply add chemicals to bring the chemistry back in line.

For the most part, a rain storm won’t do too much harm to your swimming pool. The trouble arises when the storm is windy and blows a lot of dirt and debris into the pool. If the winds are too gusty, they may even blow your pool furniture into the pool and that can potentially damage the pool itself.

Keep track of the weather forecasts and secure your pool furniture and keep the pool cover firmly in place so your post storm work and clean up won’t be too labor intensive.