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Sometimes along with a swimming pool comes creepy, crawly critters. If you’ve ever wondered how to get worms out of your pool, the swimming pool contractors from ACC Pool in Menifee, California have tips. We need to warn you, though sometimes pools and worms are a package deal!

Why are there worms? They are drawn to water, especially if the water is warmer than the air. You know that worms are beneficial for soil but you certainly don’t find them beneficial when you’re jumping into the pool water only to be surrounded by floating worms, right?

It might not be possible to keep them out of your pool completely, but you can take steps to make your pool not as attractive to worms.

How to get worms out of your pool

You certainly don’t want to eradicate all worms, but you certainly don’t want to swim with them either. We get it! Worms are happier in the ground or on a warm sidewalk after a rain, but water is water and if it’s dry weather, they may gravitate toward your pool — like it or not.

Ways to keep worms out

  1. Use a pool cover. They may get onto the cover, but they won’t get into the water. The water’s chemicals make it impossible for them to survive and once they get into the water and can’t get out, they drown. Use a cover and clean off worms before you remove the cover.
  2. Check the pool deck and pool area for worms following a rainstorm. Scoop them up and relocate them back into the yard or your compost heap.
  3. If your landscaping is alluring to worms, they will hang out in the poolside landscaping. When they do, you’re going to see them in the water.
  4. Elevate the deck to keep them out or make it a bit more difficult for them to get into the water.
  5. Use crushed limestone to keep worms away. It raises the soil’s pH and makes it unattractive to the creepy crawlers. This will keep worms away but not kill them.

They may be slimy and gross but they are great for the environment and they won’t hurt you even though you don’t want them in your pool water.