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Vacations are fleeting but if you have your own swimming pool, every afternoon and evening and every weekend can feel like a vacation. How to get your family swimming pool staycation ready is something the swimming pool contractors from the Best Pool Service in Menifee, California work with their customers on.

There are many changes you can make to the family pool that are easy on the wallet, and convenient. Also, when you have invested in a family swimming pool you want to get the most out of your investment and making sure it’s the best staycation spot it can be is one definite way to go.

 How to get your family swimming pool staycation ready

Here are a few things we can work with you on to make happen and to make your pool feel more like a vacation getaway.

  1. Add a waterfall. If you have a large enough pool, backyard and budget you can have a rock waterfall and a grotto constructed. The waterfall sound is soothing and the look of a waterfall is beautiful.
  2. If you don’t have a hot tub or spa, that addition can certainly amp up the vacation feel of your swimming pool and backyard space.
  3. Have you ever been in a swim up bar when you’ve been on vacation? If so, you know how luxurious it is to be able to grab a beverage without even leaving the pool.
  4. A slide or diving board. Your pool will need to meet specific requirements for safety, but a diving board or slide is a fun addition.
  5. A ledge in the pool upon which you can sit in a lounge and be protected from direct sunlight because there has been umbrellas installed.
  6. Light the night… and the pool. Have LED lighting installed in the pool. LED lights can add to the pool’s ambiance, especially if you get color changing lights! Lights in the pool also make it safer to swim after the sun has gone down.
  7. A fire feature or water feature. You can have a fountain added to the pool or to the sides of the pool. A fire feature, placed alongside the pool helps illuminate the night and is also aesthetically pleasing.

If you’re in the market for a pool upgrade and want to make your pool more staycation-like, give us a call.