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Buying a new home? It is an exciting time, for sure! If you’re buying a home with a swimming pool should you have a swimming pool inspection? The simple answer is, yes. If you don’t know anything about swimming pools and one of the selling points for the house you’re looking to buy is that there is a pool, you want to make sure it won’t become a money pit.

Hiring a swimming pool inspector or a swimming pool contractor from ACC Pool & Spa Service in Menifee, California can look at the pool and let you know the state of the equipment and of the pool itself. If you’re getting a mortgage for your home, the bank may also require an inspection of the swimming pool.

 Should you have a swimming pool inspection?

What will a swimming pool inspector do? Several things and you need to decide whether the home inspector you’ve hired will be enough of an expert to tell you the state of the swimming pool. Some potential home buyers will hire a separate pool inspector and home inspector before buying a home.

What will a pool inspector look for?

  1. That the pool’s safety features meet state and local standards. Look for a swimming pool inspector that understands state and local regulations, can tell whether the pool you’re getting with the house meets them and if not, can tell you what it will require and the potential cost to bring the pool up to safety codes. This could require safety fences, alarms, main drain covers and more.
  2. The physical and structural condition of the pool. Is the liner good? Are there any rips or tears? Are there any potential spots of trouble in a fiberglass pool? What is the integrity of the pool’s concrete? Are there any hairline cracks or spaces where the concrete is missing and could lead to leaking. What is the state of the pool tiles? Is there any staining on the concrete? Is the deck safe and sturdy?
  3. Equipment and electrical. What is the life expectancy of the pool equipment? You don’t want to buy a house with a pool that will need to have its pump and filter replaced because of improper upkeep. If the equipment isn’t new, is it energy efficient? How long will it be before it needs to be replaced?
  4. If there are water features or accessories or a spa or hot tub, what is their state of repair? Are all of the features and accessories in working order? Do the in-pool lights work?
  5. What is the state of the outdoor living space? Are there any infrastructure issues? Is the land properly graded?

Buying a house with a brand-new-to-you swimming pool is an exciting time. Just make certain the swimming pool won’t require anything from you other than routine maintenance and upkeep.