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Hey, who’s ready for a swimming pool party? When you become a swimming pool owner, friends and family will naturally gravitate toward your home for parties, and why not! How to plan a swimming pool party is the topic of this article and it’s got great tips from the swimming pool contractors from ACC Pool Service in Menifee, CA whether you’re a pool party planning pro or a pool party novice.

There is no better way to ring in the summer with a Fourth of July party or a weekend with a “let’s just hang out party” or by having birthday parties or staycation parties. When you have a pool all you have to do is add friends, family, food and maybe a few decorations and you are party ready!

 How to plan a swimming pool party

  1. Send invitations, call or drop an email to invite friends over. It doesn’t have to be elaborate!
  2. Remind guests to bring a towel and their bathing suit. Have extra towels on hand.
  3. Stock up on department store flip flips and sun block.
  4. Call us before the party starts to clean the pool. You will also want to have a pool cleaning after the party to assure the chemicals are in balance.
  5. The party menu can be elaborate and themed or it can be as simple as finger foods, burgers, hots and fruits and chips and dip. Fill some coolers with ice and soft drinks and adult beverages.
  6. Make clean up easy by using disposable plates, plastic ware and plastic drinking cups.
  7. Mop up any food or drink spills. You don’t want ants and bees at your party!
  8. Have a space set up where guests can change into and out of their swim suits.
  9. Have ample seating for the guests — in the sun and in the shade.
  10. Have a music playlist. Don’t have the music so loud that the guests cannot enjoy each other’s company, though.
  11. Decorate if you’re planning a themed party, or just have kiddie pools for those children who dont’ want to go into the pool. Fill a kiddie pool with sand and get some beach toys. Inflatable beach balls and rafts will help assure everyone has fun!
  12. Once the sun goes down the mosquitoes will probably come out. Grab citronella candles and torches to keep them at gay. Don’t forget to pick up mosquito repellant. Light up the night with solar powered string lights or even a bonfire.
  13. Pool party games and out of pool games are always a hit so plan a few, but don’t feel as though you have to be the one to get everything going — just offer options to your guests.

Have a back up plan or an alternate date or a house large enough to accommodate guests if the weather goesn’t cooperate. Have fun this summer!