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Swimming pools are fun. Frankly, swimming pools can also be dangerous. Invest in high tech pool safety to assure your pool is as safe as it can be. Sure, when you were growing up, there may have been neighborhood pools, perhaps even your own family pool, and safety wasn’t as high of a priority. Well, times have changed and safety needs to always be front of mind.

Don’t let anyone in your family become a statistic of a swimming pool accident. Whether you have an above ground or an inground swimming pool there are myriad safety measures you need to have in place. From pool safety fences to safety pool covers and other high tech safety pool equipment you will want to follow all local safety laws and even add a few more layers of safety.

Invest in high tech pool safety

You cannot have a swimming pool constructed without adhering to local and state safety measures. One of these is to have a safety fence surrounding the swimming pool. This will be enforced by local code enforcement officers during the construction phase.

Safety fences are constructed to keep curious children out, but you may want to add to the safety the fence provides. Ask us about advances in technology for swimming pool safety. 

A swimming pool safety fence is required, but pool owners are installing infrared motion detectors and other hi-tech devices. 

Look into infrared pool safety tech and devices. These operate on motion detector technology; when the infrared beam of light is broken, an alarm sounds.

Other alarms float on the water and these too will sound an alarm if the surface of the water is broken.

Look for a detector that has various sensitivity level settings. Plan to experiment a bit until you find the correct setting. The last thing you want to do is hear the alarm go off because a leaf falls into the water and also you don’t want to not have it go off if a child or pet jumps into the water. 

Motion-activated cameras are gaining in popularity in the pool safety field. Program the cameras to sweep the pool area and monitor it for activity. You can also invest in a motion activated camera that will only turn on and sweep the area when motion or activity is detected. The camera feed is sent to a computer or your smart phone so you can monitor it in real time, no matter where you are. 

Ask the swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Service in Menifee, California for advice on pool safety tech and add as many layers of safety as will make your pool the safest room in the house!