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The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool and Spa service in Menifee, California are asked regularly about the benefit of an experienced pool service contractor to the cleanliness and overall operating costs of a family swimming pool.

When you have a swimming pool you know that there is nothing better than being able to just jump in and use it whenever the mood strikes, right? When you own a swimming pool, though you need to decide whether you will do all of the pool maintenance, service and upkeep, some of it or none if it — you want to leave it in the hands of an experienced pool service contractor.

The benefit of an experienced pool service contractor

If you want to do some of your pool maintenance, you can certainly jump online and learn what you can from online vidoes and articles. You can also ask us for a lesson on pool maintenance that you can use on your own. We know that some pool owners take a sense of pride and satisfaction in caring for the pool on their own and we applaud you for that!

We know, too, that there are pool owners who simply want to enjoy the pool. Their free time is limited and they don’t want to waste those precious moments embroiled in pool upkeep.

There are also those pool owners in between who want a pool service contractor to come once or twice a month and do a deep clean, while they do the lighter maintenance between service visits.

One thing that every pool owner should plan to do is to make friends with the skimmer! If you’re not diligent in using a pool cover or even if you are, debris and bugs will inevitably get into the pool water. Skimming off this debris and critters will go a long way in keeping the pool clean. Also, you will want to check the skimmer basket at least daily and remove it and dump out any gathered debris.

Testing the water between service visits is something every pool owner should do. A higher than usual swimmer load, warmer than typical weather and inordinate amounts of rainfall can quickly get the pool chemicals out of line. Testing it between service visits lets you know whether anything drastic has changed in the water chemistry. If you know what to add to bring the chemistry back in line, do just that. If you’re not certain what to do, give us a call and we can schedule an additional service visit.

Is hiring a pool contractor worth the price? 

Many do-it-yourselfers find that hiring a pool contractor costs them less than doing it themselves. It is certainly less costly up front because when you’re caring for your pool on your own, you need to buy all of the chemicals up front and then find a safe place to store them. When you work with a pool contractor you don’t have that up front expense nor do you lose valuable swim time because you’re busy cleaning the pool.