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There are three styles of pool construction materials available — concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liner. A vinyl liner is considered more budget-friendly but they require special care and you need to know how to protect your pool’s vinyl liner to ensure it lasts as long as possible. The swimming pool contractors from the best pool service in Menifee, CA explain that if maintenance and upkeep are kept up with, a vinyl liner can last for two decades.
How to protect your pool’s vinyl liner

When you work with us for your pool upkeep and maintenance you can rest assured we will do our part to ensure the water chemistry and other maintenance tasks work to extend the life of your liner, but there are some things a pool owner needs to do too and we’ve added those in here!

  1. Don’t wear sharp objects in the pool. Keep belt buckles, earrings and sharp pool toys away from the pool. You will also want to ensure there are no tree branches or broken glass from adult beverages on the pool deck. Keep decorative glass away from the pool, trim branches and don’t bring any personal objects or toys in the pool that could puncture the liner.
  2. If you have dogs who want to join you in the pool you need to be careful of their claws and your pool liner. Make sure you have a clear exit for them to get out of the pool and that they can do so easily — don’t let them scramble up the walls trying to get out. Install a pet-friendly ramp.
  3. Keep water in the pool. This should be a given, but in our line of work we have seen pool owners who decide — for whatever reason — to drain the pool or lower the water levels. If the liner is exposed to air and sun, it will crack, dry out and get weak and brittle.
  4. Use only pool-specific tools in the pool. Don’t use any household tools or rough brushes to clean the pool. A kitchen scrub brush can damage the liner. Know what type of pool cleaning equipment is right for your vinyl liner pool because it will be different from concrete and fiberglass.
  5. Keep the water chemistry balanced. The chemistry that is out of balance can lead to fading and even weaken the liner itself.

If you have questions on how to keep your pool liner healthy for a lifetime (or a couple decades!) give us a call and let’s talk about our becoming your pool maintenance professional.