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We always tout the benefits of using a swimming pool cover and using it diligently. We know, though that sometimes hefting it on and off makes it easier to just not put it back on. We get it! We have put together 5 reasons to get an automatic pool cover and you’ll find out that the cost of having one installed will be returned by the money you save in long-term pool operating costs.

The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice pool service in Menifee, California explain pool covers at a minimum should be used to keep the pool water free of leaves and debris. Using a pool cover will also slow the rate of evaporation of the pool water and that will save money on having to refill the pool. For those pool owners who heat the water, a pool cover will trap the heated water and help save on water heating costs. Also, when you use a pool cover and the rate of water evaporation slows so too will the rate of the chemicals lost through evaporation and that will save money.

One of the biggest reasons to use a pool cover diligently is to consider it an additional layer of safety for keeping children and pets from falling in.

5 reasons to get an automatic pool cover:

  1. Electric or hydraulic? Both operate on electric motors, but the hydraulic style is more intricate. For pool owners on a budget, an electric pool cover might be your best investment. Hydraulic pool covers operate smoother and are usually used on larger pools.
  2. A built-in cover pump drains standing water from the cover. This makes it easy to remove standing water and keep dirty water from the pool.
  3. Opt for a system that utilizes a wifi-enabled touchpad. This utilizes your home’s wifi network and also sends alerts to let you know whether the cover has been opened or closed in your absence.
  4. Do you want the cover to be hidden or be visible once it’s open? Covers can be recessed and or deck mounted and it’s a personal preference.
  5. Choose a pool cover color that suits your decorating style or aesthetics you want to emphasize for your backyard.

There is no need to go high-tech with pool covers and go electric or automatic or hydraulic, but if you don’t you need a process to ensure the cover is used when you’re not in the pool and it isn’t usually a one-person task.

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