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As with anything in yoru home, there will come a time when you will want to update and upgrade and renovate your swimming poo. Is it time to renovate your swimming pool? There are a few reasons you may want to:

  1. To add new features
  2. To address deficiencies
  3. To add more energy efficient equipment
  4. Aesthetic reasons
  5. Safety

When you’re talking with your swimming pool service contractor from A Clear Choice Pool, we can offer advice on what renovations should be done for aesthetics and what should be done for safety and money-saving reasons. We can also give you information on items that can wait and what needs to be updated as soon as possible.

Many people find that when they purchase a home with an existing swimming pool they are eager to upgrade and update it to add their own unique spin and make it their own. It may also be time to update the pool to add in improved and more energy efficient equipment. No matter the reason, we can help with your remodeling and repair project!

Is it time to renovate your swimming pool?

Here are items to consider with your renovation:

  1. The pool renovation project could include adding water features or accessories or even making a major upgrade by adding a hot tub or spa.
  2. Change pool tiles or finish to add an eye-appealing change. Let’s talk about the different tile styles that are available and what you might want to upgrade to.
  3. Additional safety measures can be installed to enhance the safety of the pool. You could also upgrade and update your swimming pool safety fence to be more beautiful as well as functional.
  4. Energy efficiency is always a reason to upgrade. When you invest in energy efficient equipment you save money every time you operate that equipment — it will eventually pay for itself!
  5. Don’t forget to think about your outdoor living space. Upgrade the patio area. Go big and add an outdoor kitchen!

Set your budget. Decide what items you think you might want to upgrade and update. Talk with us and let’s determine if there are items that simply must be done or if there are those that are want to have projects. Chip away at the list!