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California has been rocked by earthquakes in the past week. Whether you’re in an earthquake zone or in a region that doesn’t typically deal with earthquakes it is always good to know about pool care after an earthquake.

The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool and Spa service in Menifee, California share this information for their customers in the California area and for others who may be stricken by an earthquake in the future.

Some of these post earthquake pool care tips will be common sense, but if you’ve never dealt with pool care following an earthquake, or even if you have, in the heat of the moment, you may not think of some of these smaller steps.

Pool care after an earthquake

Those who live in California are less frantic when one hits than others — or visitors — might be! One thing Californians do is “measure” the intensity of the earthquake based on how much water sloshes over the edges of their pools!

  1. Check for broken glass or other hazards in the yard. Don’t go outdoors barefoot. You will want to check for fires, gas leaks and any electrical hazards.
  2. If the power has gone out because of the earthquake, turn off the power to the swimming pool. You may also be thankful for your outdoor kitchen because you can use your barbecue grill to cook. Cook food that needs to be refrigerated before it goes bad.
  3. Don’t drink any of the pool water. You may need to boil water before you drink it, but don’t drink pool water even if you’ve boiled it. Keep bottled water or if you know an earthquake is coming, fill pans and bowls and jars with water.
  4. Check for leaks. Walk around your swimming pool or hot tub and make note of any leaks. Look for cracks in the structure of the swimming pool and then look for soggy soil or a quickly diminishing water level.
  5. Have an earthquake kit. It’s always wise to be prepared for emergencies. In your earthquake kit you should have non perishable foods and foods you can eat without cooking, water, bandages and a first aid kit, food and other items for your pets, items specifically for each person in the family (diapers, medications, etc.)

You can’t prepare for every emergency, but you can take steps to assure you and your family make it through the next earthquake and that your pool is cared for after the earth stops trembling.