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You’re taking a vacation this summer. Congratulations! Does that mean your pool doesn’t need to be cared for because you’re away? Not at all. Pool care when you’re on vacation won’t be as labor intensive, but you certainly can’t go away for a week or two and leave your pool unattended or the pump not running or you will come home from your vacation to a swimming pool that is anything but welcoming!

The swimming pool contractors from Best Pool Service in Meneifee, California offer up pool care when you’re on vacation tips to assure you come home to a pool that is welcoming and ready to use, not one that is in need of a special pool clean up visit because it’s algae-filled.

Pool care when you’re on vacation

When you own a swimming pool you have a staycation spot in your own yard, but sometimes you just want to pack up the family and get out of town to a favorite location. Here are tips to make certain your pool is clean and cared for while you’re away. HINT: if you have automatic pool components you can operate them remotely and that could be a lifesaver! Imagine scheduling your pool pump to turn itself on and off, even when you’re away!

  • ¬†Using a timer or having a remotely operated pump and filter and other systems will help you have peace of mind when you travel and will keep your pool water clean.
  • Ask a friend or family member to check on the pool when you’re gone. If the friend you ask has his own pool, even better! The friend you’ve lined up can empty the skimmer basket, skim the pool, test the water, add chemicals if needed and and turn the pool pump on and off.
  • Test the water before you leave and add any chemicals necessray to get them in balance. If you do this prior to your leaving you are setting yourself and your pool up for success!

If you have a pool cover, the heat from the day and the closed up pool can lead to quicker algae growth. While you’re away you don’t want to leave the pool open to the elements because that could lead to too much dirt and debris getting into the water. Also, not having the cover on could lead to critters falling into the pool and drowning which could upset the chemical balance.

You can even ask your trusted swimming pool contractor to pay a service visit while you’re away. If they are accustomed to cleaning your swimming pool while you’re at work during the day, they will likely be available to clean your pool while you’re gone. The necessity of having the pool cleaned and serviced while your away will depend on how long you will be gone and how much pre-planning you put into assuring your pool is cared for before your departure.