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If privacy is important to you when you’re in the swimming pool you may wonder, “should you get a pool enclosure? If you’ve thought about it, you will want to talk with your pool contractor from A Clear Choice Pool service and ask him whether a pool enclosure makes sense for your family and the family pool.

Should you get a pool enclosure?

The law states you need to have a fence around your swimming pool, but having a pool enclosure is a personal choice that you may opt for once you weight the benefits and potential drawbacks.

First of all, what is a pool enclosure? A pool enclosure is a physical structure that will be constructed to surround your swimming pool. It could be a structure that completely encloses the pool or it could be more of a roof over the pool — it is a personal decision. Many pool enclosures make use of stainless steel and glass to allow the sun to shine through and for those in the pool to see the landscaping around the pool.

The reasons to have a pool enclosure are varied and include:

  1. For privacy. If you want to be in the swimming pool away from prying eyes of the neighbors, a pool enclosure will offer you just that.
  2. For protection. If you want to keep people out of the pool when you’re not around, then a pool enclosure can offer protection to keep people out when you’re not there yourself to supervise the activity. A pool enclosure might also help reduce your insurance rates — talk with your insurance agent to see if you’d reap any benefits.
  3. For style. A pool enclosure adds a unique sense of style to the pool, your yard and the landscaping.
  4. To extend the season. If you live in an area of the country that doesn’t allow for year round swimming, a pool enclosure just might allow you to extend the swim season — even if it’s only for a few months.
  5. For property value. A pool with a well-constructed enclosure just might add to the value of your home at the time of a sale.
  6. For ease of maintenance. If you have a pool enclosure you will see a decrease in the amount of dirt and debris that falls into the water. This will definitely safe you time in pool cleaning and will also save you money in chemicals and in the frequency with which a pool contractor will have to visit.

Talk with us about the three options for a pool enclosure that include: a low profile enclosure, a flat enclosure and a standing enclosure. A pool enclosure could cost you anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to several thousand depending on the size and style you choose.