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What are some reasons to get a swimming pool fence? There are a couple we can think of:

  1. Safety
  2. Local laws
  3. Insurance requirements

These are two very powerful reasons and the swimming pool contractors from ACC Pools in Menifee, California explain that just because you’re mandated to have a swimming pool fence, there is no reason it can’t be aesthetically pleasing as well as safe, right

Whether you have children or pets in the house, you will want to keep nosy neighbors out of the pool when you’re not home. Remember, even if you’re not home and haven’t given permission, if someone gets hurt in your pool you will probably be liable!

Reasons To Get A Swimming Pool Fence

What are some options for pool fencing?

  1. Mesh. These are the least expensive and aren’t, frankly, all that attractice. Also… depending on the size of the mesh, a child could get a foothold and climb it.
  2. Chain link. It’s similar to mesh, but sturdier and more expensive
  3. PVC. It stands up to the elements and offers unique design aspects.
  4. Wrought iron fencing is durable and will last for years. It will require upkeep, but is sturdy and safe.
  5. A wooden fence is durable and versatile but requires more maintenance than the other styles. It may be an economical and attractive choice.
  6. A glass fence is your most expensive option and also provides the least amount of privacy. It is functional and will provide an unobstructed view of the rest of your yard and that’s great if you have a beautifully landscaped space.

Here are some fence considerations:

  1. Height
  2. Gap width — to keep children and pets from wriggling through
  3. Ground clearance – to keep children adn pets from wriggling under
  4. Foot and hand holds — make sure there aren’t any
  5. Self locking mechanism

Talk with us and let’s make sure your pool is safely surrounded!