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If you’re going to become a new swimming pool owner or if you are already a pool owner and want to find ways to keep your pool clean without using a lot of chemicals, we have suggestions. There are many reasons to not use chlorine to clean pool water and they are typically very personal. Chlorine can be rough on the environment and tough on your body and if you want to stop swimming in chemicals, let’s talk.

The swimming pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California offer some reasons to make a switch to a nontraditional way to keep the pool water clean and bacteria-free.

 Reasons to not use chlorine to clean pool water

If you’re wondering whether you want to make the investment in a non-chlorine way to keep the pool water clean, here are some items you may be thinking about.

  1. You feel like you’re suffering breathing problems when you’re swimming. It could be because of the chlorine levels. Chlorine may damage your lungs, you need to make certain you don’t have to ingest the water when you’re swimming; this is important for your children and your pets, too.
  2. If you want to be able to swim without goggles, you may want to stop using chlorine. Chlorine can cause red, dry eyes and you may wear swim goggles to keep your eyes from getting bloodshot.
  3. Not using chlorine is better for the environment.

¬†If you have been thinking about making a change from traditional chlorine cleaning for your swimming pool, ask us about a salt water chlorinator or a natural swimming pool set up to keep the water clean. We can work with you, whether you’re a new pool owner or if you’re a long-time pool owner and want to undertake a remodeling project and update your current swimming pool to one that is cleaned with methods other than chlorine.