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Swimming pool contractors from ACC Pool Care in Menifee, California explain that pool owners can save money with a variable speed pool pump. Many pool owners now have variable speed pool pumps, where in the past a single speed pool pump was traditional. With new technologies and knowledge, pool contractors have long known that a variable speed pool pump is a better option for pool owners. Why? Because a single speed pump is just that — single speed. A variable speed pool pump runs at different speeds based on the task at hand. If it’s just circulating the water, the pump runs at a lower speed. If the pool is being vacuumed, the pump runs at a higher speed.

Save money with a variable speed pool pump

If you still have a single speed pump, you will want to talk with your swimming pool service contractor and ask about the benefits of switching to a variable speed pump. Knowing what it will cost you up front to purchase one and the cost of installation then knowing what the potential for savings is once you’ve made the switch will help you make an informed decision. Knowing the return on investment of the variable speed pool pump will probably show you benefits in costs savings that you will not be able to deny.

If your swimming pool has a fountain, a waterfall, a slide that has running water they are all a draw on the utility bills and on the pool pump. A single speed pool circulation pump could lead to a waste of close to 85% of the energy that would be spent if you had an energy efficient variable speed pool pump.

Variable speed pool pumps are state-of-the art technology that can circulate the water in your swimming pool with a draw on the electricity of as few as 240 watts per hour. A single speed pool pump can easily use ten times that amount of energy — 2,400 watts per hour. This is a serious impact on your utility bill!

A variable speed pool pump will pay for itself in the money you save on your utility bills in as few as eighteen months. Using a variable speed pool pump can also save you thousands of dollars over the course of their useful life in your swimming pool.

Another way to save money on your swimming pool costs — if you heat the pool water — is to use a solar pool heater instead of an electric or a gas heater. Harnessing the power of the sun, especially in California makes sense if you wanted heated water on those cool-ish autumn nights.

We are energy experts and we can show you ways to use variable speed pool pump technology to reduce your monthly bill immediately.