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When you own a swimming pool there are many things that can arise: frogs in the water, green water, cloudy water. The list goes on. Should the pool water be bubbly probably isn’t a question you should ever have to ask your pool contractor from A Clear Choice Pools in Menifee, California, but sometimes it happens.

Bubbling pool water — we’re not talking overflowing bubbles like in a comedy where suds are coming out of the bottom of a dishwasher, but you definitely know something is not right with the pool and the pool water.

Should the pool water be bubbly?

Bubbles coming out of the return jets in your swimming pool aren’t an issue, especially when the pool is first opened. When that happens the air coming into the suction side of the pool is causing it.

If, however you are having bubbling in other parts of the pool or overly bubbly water, give us a cal. Here are some reasons this could be happening:

  1. Check the water levels. If they are too low the skimmer can be pulling in water rather than air and that leads to bubbling in the water. The pool water level should be at the middle of the skimmer opening.
  2. Check that the skimmer basket is properly situation in the skimmer.
  3. Check for damage to the skimmer basket.
  4. Check the skimmer flap. Is it functioning? Is it stuck open or closed? If so more air than water may be getting in.
  5. Check the o-rings on the pump to assure they aren’t cracked or out of place.
  6. Check the pool’s drain plugs to assure they are secure.
  7. Check the plumbing fixtures to assure they are in good working order.

The bubbling water may be great fun for the children and it certainly is unique, you don’t want to leave it unchecked as it could be a serious issue with a piece of pool equipment. Left unchecked, this could lead to damage of other pool parts.

Give us a call and we will get you into our service schedule and drop by to investigate the bubbling water and address it for you.