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When it comes to champagne, bubbles are great! When it comes to your swimming pool you may be wondering, should there be bubbles in the pool water? The answer, usually is, no there shouldn’t be bubbly pool water. The swimming pool contractors at the best pool service in Menifee, California talk with their customers all the time when they are wondering about bubbly pool water.

In many cases, the bubbles are harmless and just require a small tweaking of the return jets in the swimming pool. This isn’t a big problem and happens most frequently when the pool is used and opened for the first time in the season.

Should there be bubbles in the pool water?

The suction in the swimming pool could be drawing in air and making the water bubble. If you see bubbles and want to have them addressed and stop the bubbling there are a few things you can do yourself. If you can’t get rid of the bubbles, you may want to give us a call.

Here are some quick potential fixes for your fizzy water.

  1. Check the water level. If it’s too low, the skimmer could be pulling air in rather than water. That leads to bubbling. The water level in your pool should be at the middle of the pool skimmer opening.
  2. Check that the skimmer basket is seated properly.
  3. Are there any damaged areas on the skimmer basket?
  4. Check that the flap by the skimmer opening is working properly. Is it stuck open or closed? Make sure it is moving freely.
  5. Are the pump o-rings damaged or cracked (this may require your pool contractor’s expertise)
  6. Is the pump lid cracked?
  7. Is the pump lid not properly closed?
  8. Check the pool’s drain plugs. If they are not secure, air could be getting in and causing bubbles.
  9. Check that all of the plumbing fixtures are sufficiently tight so air doesn’t get in.

The bubbling in the water may not be anything other than an annoyance, but it could be indicative of a larger issue with the equipment. Have it checked out and assure yourself that your pool and its equipment is operating properly.