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You’re getting a swimming pool this year! Congratulations! Now have you ever wondered, should you get an indoor pool? Indoor. Outdoor. Either one is a great option, but an indoor pool allows swimming pool ownes to use their pool year-round; a plus depending on area of the country in which you live. A Clear Choice pool contractors in Menifee, California explain the benefits of Indoor swimming pools.

Should you get an indoor pool?

Why should you get an indoor pool? The biggest reason, as we mentioned, are for those who have such a short swim season. An indoor pool dramatically extends their swimming pool time. An indoor pool might even make swimming more comfortable for those who live in areas of the country like Arizona who deal with triple digit temperatures that may keep you indoors.

Here are items to be addressed:

  • Take steps to mitigate mold or damp smells. You may also smell chlorine; this means the pool chemicals are out of balance and you should be talking with your swimming pool contractor to have him adjust the levels.
  • An indoor swimming pool requires more frequent super-chlorination than outdoor pools. The reason is to rid it of unfiltered waste including: body oils, deodorants or other undissolved solids. Outdoor pools have the benefit of having unfiltered waste by products being released into the air — not possible with an indoor pool.
  • Budget for more frequent cleaning and maintenance visits and for the pool to be used year round. Let us know how many people you believe will be in the pool and how frequently and we can determine an optimal cleaning schedule.
  •  An indoor swimming pool will require more frequent brushing of the walls and floor to remove biofilm (which is something to which algae can attach and grow).
  • Invest in a quality dehumidifier. This will be especially crucial if the pool is in a completely enclosed area or with glassed in walls. Keep moisture in check will protect your home from mold growth.
  • Safety still matters — maybe even more with an indoor pool. Safety covers, locking doors and fencing, floating and infrared pool alarms and more should be used to assure no child or pet gets into the pool when no adult is in attendance.

Whether you have an available room in the house or if you’re going to build a room to house your indoor pool, give us a call and let’s work on your unique pool project.