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You may not be thinking about swimming, but if you live in California, you just might be! Regardless of where you live, you want to have some swimming pool safety tips for pet owners that the pool contractors from ACC Pool and Spa in Menifee, California have to share. A swimming pool is fun for humans and your dogs alike!

Keep in mind that not all dogs like to swim, but if yours does make certain it’s safe for him and for everyone in the pool water with him.

Swimming pool safety tips for pet owners

  1. Talk with your pool contractor about the best pool alarms for pet owners. Look for an alarm that will sond an alert if your dog happens to get under the pool fence and into the pool water when you’re not around. There are also alarms you can put on your dog’s collar that will sound an alert if he gets wet.
  2. The fence around the swimmng pool needs to be of a style that your dog cannot get through. Check all areas of the fence regularly to assure he hasn’t been digging to get to the pool.
  3. A swimming pool ramp is a must for dog owners. You can get a pool ramp for your dog that is permanently installed or one that you put into and take out of the water when you need to use it. When you get the ramp you will need to teach your dog how to use it.

If your dog is afraid of water, don’t force her to come in the pool with you. Put a kiddie pool next to the family pool and put a little water in it so she can feel like she’s part of the fun. Also, when your dog gets out of the pool, wash or hose her off to get all the chemicals out of her fur and off her delicate skin.