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Swimming pool owners in Menifee, California and across the country are wondering whether it’s safe to swim in the family pool or even in a community swimming pool. The swimming pool service contractors from the best pool service in Menifee, California understand and want to let you know about the importance of pool water maintenance during COVID-19. 

Coronavirus cannot survive in properly maintained and serviced swimming pool water. This doesn’t mean you want to flock to the local community swimming pool Even though the water cannot carry the virus to you, that doesn’t mean that you’re safe if you’re in close proximity to other swimmers. Social distancing is still required to stay safe. Masks are still being worn in public and you definitely want to stay at least six feet apart from others.

The Importance Of Pool Water Maintenance During COVID-19

We have been diligently maintaining and servicing swimming pools for our customers and have been opening their swimming pool so they can enjoy the time they are having during the stay-at-home orders.

If you have any questions on whether your swimming pool water has been properly maintained and whether you need to call on the services of a swimming pool professional to assure the pool is safe for swimming, give us a call.

When we pay a service visit we practice social distancing, wear masks and gloves and can clean and maintain your swimming pool without even having to have a face-to-face conversation. We are following all CDC regulations for safety for both our employees and our customers.

Because a swimming pool that has water that is not properly maintained can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes (carriers of multiple viruses and diseases) and algae the water need to be properly serviced in order to be safe.

If you’re not certain if you’re properly maintaining your pool, give us a call and we can pay a one-time service visit and we can also give you an estimate on regular swimming pool maintenance for the entire 2020 swim season.

Please read our COVID-19 and swimming pool water information on our website and call our office and talk with one of our experienced swimming pool maintenance professionals to get your pool cleaned and maintained today.