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There’s no getting around it — the steps of your swimming pool are continually submerged and in some cases they miss getting cleaned as thoroughly or as often as they should. If you work with a swimming pool service contractor in Menifee, Californiaswimming pool steps , chances are they will pay attention to the steps as part of their routine cleaning and maintenance.

If you don’t work with a pool cleaner or pool service contractor, here are a few tips the pool service providers from A Clear Choice Pool And Spa Service offer to keep your steps clean and free of bacteria and algae:

  1. When you consider how much traffic your submerged steps could see, you can see the potential for dirt and bacteria to grow there. If you do your own pool maintenance make sure you are scrubbing the steps with a brush to loosen any dirt. Be careful that you’re not introducing any foreign objects or bacteria into the pool when you’re cleaning the steps. Use your pool cleaning brush and loosen the dirt. Vacuum or skim up the loosened debris and then clean the rest of the swimming pool. Steps should be cleaned as frequently as you scrub the pool walls and floor.
  2. A brush that is suited to your particular pool building material (vinyl, concrete or fiberglass) should be used. If it’s been a while since it’s been done, you may have to put some elbow grease into it to remove any built up sediment. Chances are, you will have noticed the steps feeling a bit slimy beneath your feet if it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned them.
  3. If necessary, apply a pool cleaner to the steps. Again, follow the instructions given by a pool cleaning pro or the instructions on the cleaning solution itself.

If you’ve decided to take on the task of swimming pool upkeep and maintenance, make sure you don’t forget to clean the steps as they could be the breeding ground for dirt and bacteria and that is all that algae needs to take hold!