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What does it cost to own a swimming pool? It’s like asking, “how much does a house cost?” or “what will I pay for a car?” There are variables that can’t be pinpointed unless you talk with a swimming pool contractor in Menifee, California from ACC Pools and he or she can give you an idea or an estimate on what you will pay to own your swimming pool.

Let your pool contractor know what you think you want to your swimming pool to look like, how big it will be and other factors. Once you know a myriad of factors, you can get a ballpark estimate on pool costs. There are the costs of the pool construction as well as the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of being a pool owner.

Here are some items to consider when you’re putting together your pool budget. You want to know what that will be during the pool ownership process because you need to know you can afford it.

What does it cost to own a swimming pool?

  1. You will need to pay for pool chemicals. If you are a DIYer for pool maintenance you will need to buy all of the pool chemicals and will also need to find a safe place to store them. If you hire a pool service contractor you alleviate the need to store chemicals. You may also find it costs you less money to hire a pool service contractor than to do it yourself.
  2. Utility bills need to be considered. You will have an increase in your electric bill because of the pool pump and filter running. The bill will also be impacted if you run a pool heater. Make certain you invest in energy efficient equipment — paying more up front will safe you money in the long run.
  3. You will need to fill the pool and that’s an upfront cost. You can fill it with your hose at your house or you can buy a tanker full of water that will be delivered and fill the pool. Filling the pool will be an ongoing task you need to be prepared for. Water will evaporate from the pool and it will also get splashed out and the pool will need to be refilled.

 Invest in a swimming pool cover. That is a piece of equipment that will save money on pool cleaning, having to refill the pool and to water being lost to evaporation.

Know how many months of the year you want to swim and calculate that into the costs fo pool ownership. We know that many pool owners believe that owning a pool is priceless and the costs of ongoing maintenance and upkeep are well worth the price.