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A Clear Choice Pool service in Menifee, CA offers preventative maintenance tips

Ongoing swimming pool maintenance is something that you will be faced with when you become a swimming pool owner. When you work with a pool contractor from ACC Pools in Menifee, CA you will understand what is preventative pool maintenance and how can it benefit your family’s swimming pool.

A regular cleaning and water chemistry testing schedule is crucial to having a swimmable and bacteria-free pool. Preventative maintenance should be part of your pool care plan and an experienced pool service contractor will make certain you are on a schedule that assures your pool is always in top shape.

What is preventative pool maintenance?

A “regular” pool cleaning and service schedule is one part of pool ownership. Preventative pool maintenance are those items in which your pool contractor looks at, inspects and offers guidance on to keep your pool and the equipment operational.

Many first-time swimming pool owners feel the investment in a swimming pool preventative maintenance program is too expensive and that they can easily find the time to care for their pool. If you want to care for the pool on your own, be aware that you will need to invest in all of the necessary chemicals — up front — and that you will have to find a safe place in which to store them.

If you’re not trained in pool chemical balancing you may find you spend more money and definitely more time in adding chemicals and working to get everything properly balanced than you would if you hired a pool contractor to do the work for you.

A major benefit of hiring a swimming pool service contractor to care for the pool and its waer is that he or she will be diligent. When you’re a pool owne who isn’t trained in pool care you may let testing, cleaning and balancing “slide” because you just want to swim, not clean it in your spare time. If you neglect the water and testing and balancing it you risk algae bloom growth and equipment damage. Note that if algae takes hold it typically requires the services of a pool contractor to rid the pool of it.

What is preventative pool maintenance?

  • Checking, balancing and adding your sanitizer – typically chlorine or bromine.
  • Enzyme formulas to  remove organic build up.
  • Skimming, vacuuming, brushing the pool
  • Back washing the filter
  • Emergency service – for an emergency cleaning and service visit
  • Clearing up cloudy water and other issues that arise
  • Routine preventative maintenance such as manual filter cleaning, calcium removal & treatments and o-ring lubrication.
  • Inspection of pool equipment to give you an idea of whether any repairs need to be made or if the equipment will require replacement.

Many pool owners find they’d rather spend their free time swimming instead of cleaning.