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swimming pool service Hire a swimming pool service professional. The pool service contractors from A Clear Choice Pool service in Menifee, CA explain.

Owning a swimming pool is fun… if you don’t have to spend hours under the hot summer sun fiddling with water chemical balances and brushing, skimming and vacuuming it, right? Many swimming pool owners have found that they spend more money cleaning it themselves than they would have if they’d hired a swimming pool service professional. The reason for that, in many cases, is the difficulty with balancing the chemicals. If they’re off, the pool owner will add more, then have to add water, then perhaps more chemicals and so on… it can be a vicious cycle.

A pool contractor will, in addition to cleaning and balancing the chemicals, clean filters and check pumps and pump pressure, drains and the security of diving boards and slides. Pools can certainly be luxurious and enjoyable (to put it mildly) structures, but you need to determine whether it’s worth your time to deal with the pool maintenance or whether you will save time — because you will definitely save money — contracting with an experienced pool service professional.

Armed with the knowledge that even one or two days of neglect can lead to cloudy, brackish algae-filled water, you can see why many pool owners rely on the expertise and knowledge of trained pool service providers. Many pool owners have great intentions of caring for their pool, but after a long day at work or tending the kids, sometimes the pool gets forgotten… until you’re ready to take a swim and that’s when you notice it’s not as clean as it should be. You will want to ask us for a water treatment kit so you can check levels between visits.

Daily upkeep can be daunting and that’s why, after a few weeks or months, many pool owners hire a pool professional. Another benefit of not having to clean your own pool or worry about whether you’re doing it correctly, you won’t have to find a place to store harsh chemicals. You may truly find you spend less money when contracting with a service contractor.

When we visit, we check the filters and service the pumps and other equipment necessary to keeping the pool in proper working order. Quality cleaning services practically guarantee that the water remains free of bacteria and safe and clean for anyone who swims in it.

Why hire a swimming pool service professional if you operate a commercial pool

If you’re the operator of a commercial swimming pool it is best to rely upon a trained commercial swimming pool contractor to keep the water clean, germ-free water for the swimmers that visit. Commercial entities rely on the expertise of pool maintenance professionals to perform the herculean task of keeping the pool water clean when there are dozens of individuals in and out of the water all day. Commercial swimming pool cleaning is a more delicate task than caring for a family swimming pool and it comes with a higher risk of swimmer’s getting a water-borne illness if you’re not carefully treating the water.

You need to understand pool equipment functionality to know whether your pool’s pump is faulty, whether the filter is cracked or if there are any slow leaks. Any of these can lead to costly repairs.

When you work with a swimming pool technician who is not only familiar with your pool and the particulars of who use it and how often, he will let you know of any irregularities with pool equipment and filtration when it occurs and will help you work to address it.

Give us a call to schedule an on-site pool visit and to provide you with a quote on continuing pool cleaning services.