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There are many issues that can arise with your swimming pool but have you ever wondered why is the pool so bubbly? The swimming pool contractors from A Clear Choice Pool Service in Memifee, California explain why the pool can become bubbly and how you can rid the water of the excess bubbles.

Why is the pool so bubbly?

If you look at your pool and see air bubbles bubbling out of the return jets in the pool, rest assured that it’s a common problem especially when you’re opening the pool for the first time of the season.

The bubbling could be caued by air coming in from the suction side of the pool. If you’re being plagued by bubbles here are some places you can check, or call us to check for you to stop the bubbling.

  1. Is the water level too low? If so, the skimmer could be pulling in air instead of water and that can lead to the bubbling. The correct water level for your pool is that it should be at the middle of the skimmer’s opening.
  2. Is the skimmer basekt properly seated in the skimmer?
  3. Is the skimmer basket damaged?
  4. Is the flap by the skimmer working correctly? If it is stuck open or closed, debris can get in and can allow more air than water into the skimmer.
  5. Is the pump lid cracked or not properly closed?
  6. Is the pump’s o-ring damaged or cracked or unseated?
  7. Are the pool’s drain plugs secure? If not, this coudl be allowing air to get in and causing the bubbles.
  8. Are all of the plumbing fixtures sufficiently tightened?

While the children may think the air bubbles are fun to play with in the swimming pool, it could indicate there is an issue wtih the pool equipment and it’s best to address it as soon as possible or to call us and we will pay a service visit.